Trademark Searches

As a prospective trademark user or owner, a trademark search is the most important thing you should take care to have done.  It is also one of the most difficult tasks for a trademark attorney to perform as it relies on answering questions such as:  When are two trademarks confusingly similar?  When is there a substantial risk in adopting a new mark?  When is the risk minimal?  To make such assessments with confidence and correctly, you need years of experience on your side.  We perform full trademark register availability searches inclusive of our opinion on the inherent registerability of your mark, advice on its classification on register and its relative availability.  We strive to render our search opinions in the shortest space of time and as cost-effectively as possible.  We can provide an urgent “drop-everything” availability search at extra speed and cost when required.  We strive to provide you with an answer on availability of your mark to give you as much information and certainty in your decision to move ahead with the adoption of your trademark as possible.   Our search opinions are practical, frank and reach concise business-orientated conclusions.  We perform trademark searches around the world, and will help you strategize on the most cost-effective way to go about ensuring the availability of your mark.  We can also conduct quick so-called ‘spot’ searches to check details of specific marks.