IP Strategy and Portfolio Management

As a business becomes successful, its intellectual property rights are often its most valuable assets.  And, as the business grows and diversifies with respect to its products, brands and territories, acquires new businesses, develops new IP, sells or lapses its rights, restructures, moves, and more, the administration and management of a business’s portfolio of IP rights can become a substantial task.  Taking care of renewals, essential register recordals, making sure that rights are adequately protected for goods/services on which they are used or not, that territories are adequately covered, that obsolete rights are weeded out and new rights are established, that licenses are abided by and infringements enforced.

You need a vigilant master at the helm to steer the IP ship, who can take care of both the all-important detail and have a bird’s eye view on your larger strategy and risks.  Our years of experience, our expertise and systems place us in the best position to manage your portfolio and to give you security that your IP rights are in good hands, at the same time as freeing you up to develop, market, sell and do what successful businesses do best.  We handle the prosecution of your IP, remain available to give advice and recommendations any time, check Patent Journals, Government Gazettes and other publications for likely oppositions and conflicts, take care to timely remind you of due renewals of your IP rights, advise on necessary amendments and expansions, give you regular and concise reporting and feedback, maintain an accurate database of your IP, and advise on strategy and risk with your portfolio, maintain your IP records and information, and guide you toward maximizing your IP protection whilst balancing the best expenditure of your money, time and human resources.